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Wind Walkers Medicine Wheel

My Mission

The Medicine Wheel had been a long time dream of mine. I had been called to make this structure and sacred space for many years. The question was always how. It wasn't until I met someone, now a very dear friend, who taught me to make structures out of sandbags. He invited me over to his home, where he had several dwellings made with this concept. I was taken by the method and by the organic features. The choice was made. This project took 8 months and over 5 thousands sandbags to complete. It is stained with a iron sulfate fertilizer which, when washed off, fed the surrounding plants. Each entry way has the totem associated to the direction made of metal by local artist Mike Smiley. The East is the eagle which stands for new beginnings. The South is the coyote which stands for wisdom. The West is the grizzly bear which stands for strength, courage, and protection. The North is the buffalo which stands for the gift of giving. Placed at the entry for every direction are the minerals associated to the animal totem, alabaster, pipestone, soapstone, and serpentine. The center of the medicine wheel is the womb of mother earth. This is where ceremonies take place. This space has been blessed by the Tsalagi (Cherokee), the Apache, Dine (Navajo), the Blackfoot, Tohono O'dahem (Papago), and Aztec Dancers along with the many people who have participated in ceremonies. This has been my passion, to help those along their journey, whatever that may be. It was always the motto of Wind Walkers our store that was located in Joshua Tree for over 10 years. Wind Walkers is named after those who walk in the wind before us. It is always about the journey. Aho

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