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10 Years Ago It All Started.

Where does the time go!?

Can you believe it has been almost 10 years since the construction of the medicine wheel was completed? Abe started construction of the wheel 10 years ago last april and finished it that november. 5000 sandbags. 5 tons of rock. 1 ton of concrete. Unimaginable amounts of sweat! It is truly a labor of love.

Since then the wheel has taken on a life of its own. It has expanded and grown in ways Abe hadn"t envisioned. It has been an incredible journey. One we are so thankful that you have been a part of.

Life gives way to many kinds of celebrations and we are excited to announce this November we celebrate our 10 year Anniversary of Windwalkers Medicine Wheel. We would like to invite you to join in celebration as we host an intentional community gathering. With offerings from local providers/vendors, we welcome you to come tour the land, meet us/locals and connect with the abundant beauty of nature in the womb of the Medicine Wheel, as we spend the day in Gratitude and Thanks.

Thank You all that have shared space with us over the last decade. We would love to hear about your personal experiences at Windwalkers, feel free to share your favorite memories in the comments below or DM us your photos for future posts. We look forward to seeing you this November. We will be posting more information as things get worked out.

UPDATE: November 11th 1om to 6pm is the Tenth Anniversary Celebration for the Medicine Wheel. Official info to come shortly.


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