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This month's full moon (Sept. 10th) is called the Harvest Moon. The animal totem for this moon is the Brown Bear. The mineral associated with the Harvest Moon is amethyst. The brown bear is generally careful and quiet. It is curious as well as observant

The bear is a very important animal to many tribes. The Bear is believed to be the head of the animal council. It is Spirit Keeper of the West. It is the leader of the animal council because of its fairness, strength and courage. Working with the bear can help you to learn about fairness, observing, courage, healing and teaching.

Amethyst symbolizes good judgement, justice, and courage. It can help you to achieve a balance between the physical and spiritual energies. Feeling anger? Amethyst can help you to determine what is causing it. As well as to help you to let it go. It can bring clarity to your dreaming.

This is a special full moon ceremony as it is the birthday of one Abe Daniels. Abe has built the wheel and the healing ceremonies that we offer. When asked about his upcoming birthday his first response was, "What birthday?". He then proceeded to mention how "time flies" as it was only a short time ago that he started building Windwalkers. Now that he is "almost 70", he feels not only blessed that the full moon falls on his birthday, but happy that he can share this with you all. He has had many life changing events take place this year. This has forced him to examine a few things and in the upcoming months you will see a few changes take place. One with the addition of the Groves Cabin Theatre to the Windwalkers family. he will be overseeing its relaunch into High Desert Community Theatre. Abe has decided that all the proceeds from this ceremony will be donated to the Groves reopening and renovation. We will be officially announcing the new season soon so stay tuned.

This is only one of several new projects that will be started and we look forward to sharing them all with you soon. If you are unable to attend the full moon ceremony but wish to contribute to the Groves fundraiser please click on the link below. Thank you for your support.

Abe would like to thank everyone for their support over the years and please know that it is greatly appreciated. AHO


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