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The full moon drumming for May will take place on may 6th.

The wheel opens at 7pm and the drumming will start at 7:30pm.

May's full moon is called the Frogs Return Moon. The animal totem for this month is the Beaver. The beaver is an incredible ecosystem engineer. The dams they build have been proven to change the very ecosystem providing new habitats for other animals and plants. The beaver can teach us about building a solid foundation and being adaptable with your environment. Grounding and self reliance can also be learned by working with this totem.

The plant for this moon is Blue Camas. Only the blue flower variety is not poisonous and has been used as a food staple. It can be made into pancakes and molasses.

The mineral for this month is Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla can help to balance the elements of Earth and Sky and keep you grounded. It can increase your connection to the Earth as well as giving you a sense of strength and stability.

Take a break from the hectic day to day and do something for your wellness. Join us and let the new foundation of you begin. AHO.

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