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As part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration, we will have a few healers available for you to meet and get a taste of what they do. There is so much good work going on in our community that we need to showcase. We are honored to have the following healers.

From left to Right:

Kelly - Reiki Master

Lucy - Head of HR (Hound Relations) and practicer of puppy hugs

Willow - Sound Healer

Abe - Mediation and Breath worker

Kara - Art Therapy

Felicia - Tarot Reader

Linda - Craniosacral shamanic healer

John - Chair Massage

Ray - Reiki and Sound Healer

Supinda - Thai Massage Therapist

Valerie - Card Reader

Shirley (not pictured) - Tarot Reader

The party starts this saturday Nov. 11th from 1pm to 6pm. An opening ceremony for the newly constructed labyrinth will take place at 2pm. A special drumming ceremony will commence at 5pm to rededicate the wheel. Bring your drum if you have one and join in!!. Admission is free. AHO.


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