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A Native American spirituality center

Wind Walkers Medicine Wheel is an outdoor venue used for drum ceremony, guided meditations, gatherings and weddings

About Wind Walkers Medicine Wheel

​The Wind Walkers Medicine Wheel is a sacred space for many ceremonies. It has been blessed by the Cherokee(Tsalagi), Navajo (Dine), Blackfoot, To’hono Odahem (Papago) and the Aztec Nations. Located in a secluded area of Joshua Tree, the backdrop being the National Park, it is an ideal place for drum circles, full moon ceremony, weddings, meditations, animal guide meditation trail, teaching, yoga. This space has been constructed using natural materials and has been a labor of love for the builder and care taker, Abe Daniels.


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The trail is a linear representation of the medicine wheel.   While taking the meditation trail, you will encounter 30 metal sculptures of the animal guides of the medicine wheel. Each guide has a lesson to tell. They each have their own gift. In the Native American tradition, it is said that when you encounter a four legged, a winged one or others, it is not that you were able to see them but rather they choose you to see them for they have something to tell you or share with you. They offer you to go on a journey with them, to find out what they do in their lives that might be missing in yours. Seating areas are placed along the trail for your comfort and meditation. The trail is approximately ¼ of a mile. 

Included in the path is a Man in The Maze.  Man in this case is the gender neutral use of the term to indicate Humans or Mankind.  The "Man in the Maze" is a visual representation of the Tohono O'odham Nation's belief in life, death and life after death.

Come walk the path.  You can do the path alone or in groups.  You can even add it on to any of our other offerings for a more in depth experience. 


Wind Walkers is an ideal place for your events. It is quiet, secluded and safe. Located with the Joshua Tree National Park as you background, you will enjoy peace and harmony. Whether it be for a teaching, a meditation, yoga , weddings, or other special events. Restroom facility and electricity are provided for you and your guests. As each event is unique of their own, pricing for each event will vary. Feel free to call and to share your event with us so we may determine the cost.


Every month during the full moon, we gather in the medicine wheel to honor grandmother moon and all of our ancestors. Drums are played, songs are sung, dancing and offering of herbs take place. Each ceremony begins with smudging using white sage. All participants and instruments are cleansed and blessed. Honor to the creator, mother earth , the four directions and the present are given. Herbs such as sage, pine and sweat grass are used during ceremony. Reservations are required. There is an offering to cover for your drum and herbs


For this very blessed ceremony, the medicine wheel offers a unique space and surroundings. When entering the medicine wheel, you are entering into the womb of mother earth. She is love and celebrates it in all its forms.  Her embrace sets the stage for many blessings for your union.  Abe Daniels, steward of the Wind Walkers property, is an officiant who can perform your ceremony respectfully and beautifully tailored to you.  For those who seek to express this memorable moment of their journey, there could not be a more unique space. This space can accompany up to 90 guests and the grounds can be used for your reception. Please call for an appointment to see the grounds and consultant with Abe.  Blessings



Guided meditations can be done one on one, or with a small group. It can be done in the medicine wheel or in one of our tipis.  You are guided through the meditation through relaxation and visualization. During the meditation you will encounter your animal guide who will take you on a journey. This meditation assists you in learning how to relax with breathing and letting each muscle release its stress and to help each person to open their mind to receive the gift of the animal guide. The meditation takes approximately 45 minutes. 

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