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Prayer Ribbon Fundraiser


Prayer Ribbon 


During the holiday season, we remember our loved ones and the impact they have made on our lives. Family, friends, pets and others who have inspired us and given us hope. 


     Trees are seen by many cultures to be sacred beings.  They are seen as spanning between worlds.  Their roots reach deep into mother earth and their branches strain towards father sun.  The wind rustles their leaves creating a lullaby for all.  Its no wonder some cultures tied their prayers, dreams, wishes, offerings and hopes onto the branches of trees.  They hoped that the tree would carry that message to the creator. 

     Traditionally these sacred trees are called Prayer Trees.  The tree is draped with ribbons which have written on them a message the writer wanted to send to the universe.  This could be the writer's loved ones, hopes or dreams.    

     We would like to offer our prayer tree for you to hang your prayers on whether for you or someone else.  Your ribbon will be placed on our tree, a herb offering will and ceremony will take place every first of the month for a year to honor all.  An honorary letter will be sent to you and to another individual (upon request) stating a donation and ribbon has been placed.  We are asking for a donation of $5 per ribbon.  You may send us your request by completing the form or emailing us.  You will need to complete a separate form for each ribbon/donation.  All funds raised will go towards the improvement of the wheel and our programs.  We will be accepting ribbons for the ribbon ceremony available now until Dec. 25. 

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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