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Full Moon Drumming Ceremony

The elk totem on the meditation walk.

Come celebrate the full moon for November on November 23rd at 5pm. This moon is called the Long Snows Moon. The animal guide is the Elk. If you were born between Nov. 22nd and Dec. 21st then this is your animal guide. This means that you are very insightful, independent, fearless, determined, and open hearted. The Elk possess a sense of responsibility for one another. When a task is larger than themselves, they will take turns to get the task completed. An elk can be overly argumentative and erratic in intimate relationships. Come get in touch with your animal guide and grandmother moon. The ceremony will start at 5pm. Drums and blankets will be provided. Let the sounds of the drums, light of the fire, and the glow of the moon wash away the stress and anxiety of the day. Feel relaxed, cleansed, and at peace. Call Abe for directions to Wind Walkers Medicine Wheel and to reserve your spot. There is an offering of $20 per person. Look forward to seeing you there. Aho.

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