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Abe is Looking for a Few Good Students.

Learn the Teachings of the WindWalkers Medicine Wheel.

We are excited to announce a new part of our educational program. Abe has decided to share his knowledge with 5 students. Always wanted to learn the ways of the Elders? Abe can show you. In this course you will learn how to use herbs and their meanings, create your own smudge fan and how to use it. Learn about the animal guides and totems in depth and the lessons they have for us. Create your own medicine items and use them in ceremony. You will also be participating in upcoming events at the Wheel.

The classes will be held on wednesdays at 7pm beginning June 12th and running for 3 months. The classes are free. You will be required to contribute 8hrs per month of your time to upkeep of the land and wheel as well as assisting Abe with other events.

If you are interested or have questions please feel free to contact Abe by email

We ultimately, if this goes well, will offer this on a larger scale and via video. Abe's goal is to pass on his knowledge so that we can heal ourselves, each other and the earth.



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