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This month's full moon ceremony

metal sculpture of a beaver
The sculpture of the beaver on the meditation trail

is in honor of the Frogs Return Moon and its animal totem the Beaver. The last ceremony was with the Red Tailed Hawk that showed us how to put things in place, that we were on the right path. Now we are focusing on building upon that foundation to better ourselves and change our lives, just like the beaver does.

The Beaver is called the master builder. It is the only animal other than man to drastically change its space to suit its needs. Working with this animal totem can help teach you about stability, balance, tradition, adaptability with the environment, healing, tenacity and hard work.

Beaver dams or beaver impoundments are structures built by beavers to provide ponds as protection against predators such as coyotes, wolves, and bears, and to provide easy access to food during winter. These constructions modify the natural environment in such a way that the overall ecosystem builds upon the change, making beavers an ecosystem engineer. Beavers work at night and are prolific builders, carrying mud and stones with their fore-paws and timber between their teeth. Even beavers that have been rescued and raised in captivity still have the drive to build using materials around them.

We can all use these qualities in our day to day life. AHO.

This ceremony will be on April 16th at 7pm. Reserve your seats now. See you then.


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