Groves Cabin Theatre Opening Night a Big Success!

The opening night of The Death of Bessie Smith and The Marriage Play was a sold out gala. After three years of being closed due to covid, the Groves Cabin Theatre opened in style. The audience was treated to a preshow spread. Many expressed their joy at having the Cabin back again. The love of local community theatre filled the air. The crowd consisted of new comers to the Groves as well as returning friends.

Throughout the preshow activities, the guests were excited for the Albee one acts. The renovations and additions to the theater were well received. The ability to again come together and experience theatre in this intimate and unique setting caused joy in many. Joy Groves was unable to make the night but she was there in spirit. The well wishes and good thoughts expressed for Joy were evident throughout the night. (She was overwhelmed with gratitude when she heard of this and wishes to thank everyone for their support) The lights finally flashed and the show was ready to start.