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January Full Moon Drumming

This month's full moon is called the Rest and Cleansing Moon. We can all use some of that in the new year! We tend to forget that we need to take time to reset ourselves. It is so easy to be overwhelmed by all the holiday stress, day to day stress, and just the current state of the world. For our own well being we need to release all that so we can move forward.

The animal spirit for this moon is the Otter. The otter is full of curiosity and playfulness. It shows us that we need to include those things in our everyday life. Its all about balance. Play is important not just during childhood but into our adult years. It helps us to connect with ourselves and others as well and to shed the stress and anxiety of the day. It is essential for our wellness; mentally, physically and emotionally. This month's moon encourages you to explore your uniqueness and to develop your intelligence.

The ceremony will take place on January 16th at 5pm. Seating is limited and masks will be required. Drums and blankets will be provided. See you there. Aho.


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