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Our Full Moon Ceremony will take place on July 13th. The house will open at 7:30pm and we will start the ceremony promptly at 8pm. This one will be a supermoon as well with the moon being the closest to Earth.

That means it will appear slightly bigger and brighter than a regular full moon.

The full moon for July is called the Strong Sun Moon. This is the time to learn about your hearts connection and about the desire for self expression. The Strong Sun Moon helps us to understand the law of relationships and about family, mothering and nurturing.

This is also the time of the flicker or woodpecker. The flicker asks us to connect with our heart song and to feel free expressing it. The flicker not only pecks on wood for food, but also will tap on the tree for the sake of making sounds expressing its joy.

Come join us for this full moon drumming ceremony and let your spirit sing.



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