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The Ducks Fly Moon is the first moon of Mudjekeewis (Spirit Keeper of the West). Those under the Ducks Fly Moon can rapidly go to one idea, concept or mood to its opposite. This position can teach you how to show physical affection and how to be comfortable both in earth and sky. Raven energy must be careful nor to be totally indecisive, and so changeable they confuse even themselves.

The Raven can be aggressive. They are group oriented and very defensive of their territory. If you were born during this time, you have an understanding of relationships with groups and the ability to soar and dive on your own. The Raven knows what balance truly is, even is you need to experience discomfort in order to do so.

The mineral is that of bloodstone jasper. The bloodstone jasper provides a positive grounding force and helps to harmonize a person with the earth’s energy. Jasper both stimulates and clarifies a person’s mental processes, allowing them to find balance on this plane of existence.

The plant is that of the mullein. Mullein teaches you to explore the smooth and healing parts of your nature. The color is brown. The ceremony will start at 7pm on Oct 9th with seating starting at 630pm. If you have a hand drum and would like to bring please do. We will provide you with everything you will need. We look forward to seeing you then. AHO.

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