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The Long Snows Moon

The full moon in December is the Long Snows Moon which is the final moon of the year. It's named for the long cold snowy dark winter days. We in the desert may not experience the snow much but it does come, as evident by the snow a few years ago that covered the medicine wheel in white. The animal totem is the Elk. The mineral totem is Obsidian. The plant totem is Black Spruce. The color is Black.

The Long Snows Moon can help us to be grounded. To look inward and prepare for the next year. It teaches us mental strength and to cooperate with others to the betterment of the whole. Each of the totems work to guide you through the cold dark days of winter. To come out the other side of winter prepared to face the challenges the new year has to offer.

We will start the ceremony at 5pm on December 18th. You are welcome to bring your own ceremonial drum (if not sure if yours meets that description you can contact us) All materials will be provided for you. Space is limited so visit the website and get your reservations all set. Think about scheduling an end of the year/new year personal guided meditation. It can also help to clear out the baggage from this year and set your intentions for the new year on the right track.

We hope to see you there. Many blessings to you and yours. May you have a joyous and peaceful holiday season.


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