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We are proud to report that the first season of Joshua Tree Theatre Under the Stars has been nominated for several awards in the Broadway World Palm Springs Awards! We are over joyed that each of the four plays were recognized in several categories. Everyone involved did a lot of hard work to make this season happen and bring this unique venue to the theatre community. Here are the list of nominations.

Best Play

Eyeless in Colonus

Miles Gloriosus

Shakespeare in Revue

Best Performer in a Play

Charlie Kunz: Shakespeare in Revue

Christopher Schoonover: Wild West Sh(!)t Show

Kevin Hayles: Shakespeare in Revue

Kurt Schauppner: Eyeless in Colonus

Mackenzie Naylor: Eyeless in Colonus

Best Supporting Performer in a Play

Aiden Bosworth: Miles Gloriosus

Benjamin Bees: Eyeless in Colonus

Benjamin Bees: Wild West Sh(!)t Show

Kurt Schauppner: Shakespeare in Revue

Mackenzie Naylor: Eyeless in Colonus

Nathan Bosworth: Shakespeare in Revue

Best Direction of a Play

Howard Shangraw: Eyeless in Colonus

Miri Hunter: Shakespeare in Revue

We humbly ask that you take a moment and vote for your favorite. The link is below. We know they would appreciate it immensely as well as we would. The deadline for voting is December 31st. Winners will be announced in January.

We would like to take this moment to congratulate all the nominees. Also a thank you to all of you who came out and supported them and us. You helped make this first season a fun and great success. We look forward to seeing you next year. Aho.

Please go to the link below and follow all the steps carefully to submit your votes. BROADWAY WORLD will then send a confirmation email to you, which you must open and click where indicated in order for your votes to count. (That last step is very important.)


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