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This full moon drumming ceremony will take place on Nov. 7th. The wheel will be open at 6:30pm and the ceremony will start no later than 7pm.

This month's moon is referred to as the Freeze Up Moon. The Freeze Up Moon can teach you how to travel between the different realms of creation and how to become a messenger for the spiritual aspects of life. This moon teaches you about the extent of your own energy, your ability to create change, your inquisitiveness, your desire for truth, and your keen sight. Those under this moon must be careful to keep yourself grounded and not to become too suspicious of people. Join us for a night of drumming and connecting with our inner selves. Start the new month off on the right path for you.

To help you on your path is the animal guide for the month, the Snake. The Snake is the balance of male and female energy. It can teach you to be a great communicator and know when to regenerate yourself. Copper can help you to focus your energy. The plant for this month is thistle. It can increase your alertness and help your brain to function at a higher level.

Click on the link below to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you there. AHO


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