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Join us for a star filled night of community and meditation.

With the ten year anniversary of the construction of the wheel, we are pleased to offer different ceremonies to fit different needs. One such offering is the Guided Meditation Under the Stars.

This offering allows you to get lost not in just the drums but the majesty of the night sky. Joshua tree is classified as a dark skies area and the view from the wheel can be breathtaking. The stars have always been a source of wonder and strength. Many cultures have used the stars in their myths, religions and to guide them in troubled times.

Our first sessions will be on June 24th and 28th. We will open the wheel up at 830pm for socializing and stargazing and then will start the meditation at 9pm. You will be welcomed into the wheel with an intention setting ceremony where we will cleanse you with sage and offer you ceremonial herbal tea. The tea is a specific blend that we use from a native american supplier which benefits scholarships for indigenous students.

There are many medical benefits to meditation. It works by shutting off part of your nervous system and activating another. Specifically it targets the autonomic nervous system. It tiggers your slow down and digest part of the autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic) which then turns off your fight or flight response (sympathetic). By doing this you can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, increase sense of well being, and reduce your overall stress.

You will then be asked to lay down on provided matts ( you may of course bring your own if you wish) We will point out a few astronomical points of interest as we set up. Telescope and binocular access will be available. Abe will guide you into a meditation state through drumming, herbs and chanting. As Abe's mentor Dennis Banks

said; "The Sun, Moon and Stars are there to guide us."


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