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Ever want to just live in the world of your favorite movie? Just spend time seeing how the characters lived and how the background characters went about their day. Seeing what happened after the events of the movie ended.

Well wonder no more as the talented cast from Thought Theatre takes you behind the 4th wall of a beloved holiday classic. You are Now in Bedford Falls is a light hearted good for all ages improv that will take you to the lives of the little known residents of Bedford Falls.

The cast includes many familiar faces as well as a few newcomers to the Groves Cabin Theatre. Marty Neider and Grey Forge LeFey are fresh off the highly acclaimed shows Death of Bessie Smith and The Marriage Play. Krysso LeFey is a newcomer to improv but is taking to it in style. Ann and Veronica Van Haney are a mother and daughter duo to watch out for! Tessa Gregory-Walker and Rob Rota round out this not to be missed troupe.

Take a break from all the stress of the season and join us for some holiday high jinx! The show will run December 2nd through December 4th. Friday and Saturday the house opens at 7pm. Time enough to purchase some holiday themed refreshments before the merriment starts at 7:30pm. Sunday Dec 4th the house opens at 2pm and the show starts at 2:30pm. Click on the link below to reserve your seats today! We look forward to seeing you there!!


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